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Your one stop foot care shop providing sustainable, smart and supportive footwear, insoles, hand crafted essential oil foot care blends and foot soak.

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Meet the founder and designer

The perfect shoe?

Do you find it hard to find a pair of shoes that will endure a full day of walking? Maybe your feet start to hurt after only an hour. You may have tried several brands and haven't had success to relieve your pain. You want your stride back!

What sets us apart?

At Archetype Footwear, we create luxury athleisure shoes that are built to last. While our unique design offers unparalleled comfort and style, the REAL magic is in the sole.

Why Archetype footwear

The Archetype sole

The real magic is our unique insole that provides the perfect balance of softness and support.

Travel friendly

Pack a pair of versatile and stylish shoes that will take you on your journey with ease.


Our mission to create supportive, comfortable and sustainable footwear starts with a removable insole that extends the use of every style.

Let's be honest...

Your foot pain didn't get there overnight and there are likely many reasons why it exists. That's why other brands you tried didn't really work.

Feet are complex and often pain is based on your posture that slowly shifts over time putting pressure in different areas of the body.

At Archetype Footwear, our goal is help you find a better option to gain more our of your shoes.

Each style is unique...

Meet chakra

This sneaker slips on and off with ease using an interwoven elastic system to keep your foot snug. Backed by soft and stretchable neoprene, trimmed with leather and finished with a flexible outsole to move with you.

This is the most luxurious sneaker ever.

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Meet Ananda

This sandal slips on and off with ease using a front elastic gore for easy entry, slingback is trimmed with soft cushioned neoprene, lined with natural dye free leather and finished with a flexible outsole to move with you.

This is the most luxurious sandal ever.

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meet karma

These boots slip on and off with ease using a back counter elastic gore  system for easy entry, shaft is a soft cushioned neoprene, forefoot is gorgeous calf leather, finished with a flexible outsole to move with you.

This is the most luxurious boot ever.

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HOw would the perfect shoe change your life?

To feel less pain when you walk?

To have less stress on your feet, more energy and to travel and move around?

Our unique styles can help you achieve this.

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"My Chakra's feel like a warm hug."

- Kristina, Vienna VA

"These are the best insoles I have ever had!"

- Liz, Katonah NY